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2024 Miss Butler County Competition

(Women Age 18-28)

Dear Prospective Candidate:

We are pleased that you are considering entering the 2024 Miss Butler County Scholarship Competition which will be held at 5:00 pm on Sunday, November 5, 2023, at the Vagabond Event Center, 138 Whitestown Road, Lyndora PA.

Application Deadline: Friday, October 27th

The application deadline for this contest has closed.
  1. Before submitting your application for our local competition, please register as a member on MissAmerica.org (it will say “2025 competition cycle”)
    • While registering you will pay the $39.99 membership fee for the competition cycle. In addition, for each local competition you choose to compete in will have a $100 delegate fee.
  2. Prepare your local application and send it to us via mail or email by Friday, October 27th. Request an application now!
    • This should include the 2024 Local Addendum, Social Impact Initiative Essay, Resume for the judges, and Talent Registration Form with a copy of your birth certificate, proof of residency (state ID card, school ID or another document which confirms your eligibility), and, if possible, a headshot for our Program Book and Newspaper Publicity. You should submit your paperwork as soon as possible. First person with paperwork in, is last in program order.
      • Paperwork bearing the logos of other local pageants may be submitted to the Miss Butler County Pennsylvania Competition provided it is identical in format to our paperwork, to avoid repeating the same paperwork for every competition. You may also be required to sign a Miss America local contract at some point leading up to the local competition.
      • If the headshot is not sent with your initial application materials, it will be needed by Friday, October 27th).
    • Our mailing address is Kathy Bray, PO Box 432, Harrisville, PA 16038. The email address is: pahomestead@zoominternet.net and please cc jlhughes1@verizon.net.
  3. We will let you know that we received your application.
    • Once we receive your entry materials you will receive a confirmation email. If we have eligibility questions, we will also make sure they are cleared up at that time. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please check back with us because it probably means that for some reason, we have not received your paperwork.

Fees paid on MissAmerica.org

  • Before submitting your application for our local competition, please register as a candidate on MissAmerica.org
  • While registering you will pay the $39.99 membership fee for the competition season, please select “Miss Butler County” as the local competition in which you are competing. You will pay a $100 delegate registration to each local competition you choose to compete in.

Fee paid to Local Competition

  • $100 – Use the form below to submit your local delegate fee to the Miss Butler County Scholarship Organization via credit card… or you may send it to us as a check, payable to “Miss Butler County” and mailed to Miss Butler County Scholastic Organization, PO Box 1799 Butler, PA 16003.


  1. Evening Wear for the Evening Wear and Social Impact Initiative Competition.
  2. An appropriate Outfit for the Private Interview.
  3. Your Talent Costume.
  4. An Opening Number Outfit (To be announced)
  5. Two copies of your music CD (if any) or MP3. Be sure to test them on a variety of devices to be sure they will work on our sound system the day of the Competition. Also, please note, that no one else is allowed on stage or in the wings to provide live musical accompaniment for you during your performance. You must accompany yourself or use the CD.
  6. Be sure to bring make-up, hair products, etc.
  7. Some candidates bring full length and make-up mirrors as well as racks for hanging clothing.
  8. Health & Fitness Wear (Rebel red top required, black leggings, and sneakers w/out “bling” ✨)

All winners will advance to Miss Pennsylvania completion. In addition, all will receive a Miss America local crown, sash, and scholarship.

Miss Butler and Miss Moraine State Titleholders: $600 each
1st runner-up: $300
Non Finalist: $100

The private interview will take place on the date of the competition (November 5), during the morning or afternoon prior to the start of on-stage competition. The judges are seated, and the candidate is at a podium in front of the judges. The judges’ chairperson will introduce you and the questions begin immediately. Do not go to the judges table to shake hands with the judges. You will immediately go to the podium and begin to answer questions. For Miss Candidates the interview length is 10 minutes. The first 9 and ½ minutes are spent on questions and answers. At the 9 and ½ minutes mark, one of the judges will tell you that the formal part of your interview has been completed and ask if you wish to add anything at that time. If you choose to do so you have ½ minute to speak. It is your decision whether to end the interview at that point or to add something. Your decision does not influence your scoring but, if you chose to add something it does play a part in your scoring. Please remember that no visual aids, paperwork, or props may be brought into the interview.

Miss Candidate Requirement Guide

Judges preview your Resume, Social Impact Initiative Essay and Photo.

Paperwork & Forms are provided by an email request to the local Director. (or found here online)

No Hand Written Paperwork.

Fill out the forms and send via email to the local Director.

Miss Requirements:

□ Application – COMPLETE ALL REQUESTED INFORMATION (For Local Competition use only, Not for Judges to see)  

 Birth Certificate Copy

 Photo ID – Drivers License copy or permit, School ID

 Resume – Typed per MAO Instructions (DO NOT CHANGE FORMAT of the FORM)

 Social Impact Initiative Essay – Typed per MAO Instructions

 Talent Registration Form – Typed 

 Photo Headshot – (jpeg format)

 Talent music per local competition – Bring two copies of your music CD (compact disk) or MP3 to the competition

Miss Wardrobe for the Following:

 Interview Outfit 

 On Stage Interview – (It is recommended to use your Private Interview Outfit at the local level)

 Talent Costume

Glamor Evening Gown

Health & Fitness Wear (Rebel red top required, black leggings, and sneakers w/out “bling” ✨)

Please be courteous and turn in paperwork ASAP to the local organizations per the deadline.

ALL paperwork can be updated for each local with the titles you are competing for, any community service, volunteer work, and hours you have donated, along with the money you have raised for MAO and your social initiative from one local to another. This is required for Miss America reports only.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

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